With continuously changing factors such as demand, markets, requirements, regulation etc. Cost & schedule constraints are directly impacted by the procurement function on the capital project.

PSG provides a competitive, innovative, & safe environment, providing clients with the experience and resources for effective capital project procurement.

PSG leverages its local & global procurement expertise, market knowledge, & supply chain networks to provide best value to the client’s capital investments.

Implementing an effective procurement process for your capital project involves utilizing our specialists who can identity and prepare a clear road map for your project.

Services Offered

Procurement Planning and Strategy

Financial planning, cash flow management, workflow optimization, production timeline, & aligning plans with company goals and objectives.

Supplier Selection

We offer evaluation, operational capacity analysis, technical capability determination, financial analysis, delivery time & cost based on proven records.


We identify quality and local sources for goods & services, contract establishment & negotiation, establishing payment terms, and outsourcing of goods or services.

Contract Staffing

SME engagement and strategic sourcing help both buyers & suppliers

Material Management

Panning, purchasing, storage, inventory control, material supply-management, transportation, & material handling.

Contracts Management

Management of contracts including planning, implementation, pre-contract, handover, pre-renewal, and post-contract stage.

Contracts Administration

Clearly defining rights, responsibilities & liabilities of the parties
defining scope & deliverables, detailed timelines, finances, plan to work, and risk analysis management

Purchasing and Expediting

Continuous follow up after purchase to ensure the most expedient delivery of orders possible.


Logistic management of flow between the point of origin to the point of consumption, meeting the requirements of both customers and corporations.

Site Material Management

Tools, techniques, & hands-on experience through the SMEs.

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